International Trade in Italy

International Trade in Italy

Italy had experienced a lower growth than the European average, and it was severely affected by the global crisis, its economy reduced to -5% in 2009.  However, it benefited from the revival in global demand and the return of confidence.  The exports and investments recovered in 2010,... Read more

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Overview About International Trade in Italy

Main Industry Sectors

The agricultural sector contributes to about 2% of the Italian GDP. Italy is the biggest European producer of rice, fruits and vegetables, and also the world's biggest producer and exporter of wine. The country is one of the major agricultural powers in the European Union. However, Italy has limited natural resources. The country has to import most of the raw materials required for production and more than 80% of its energy resources.

Italy's fabrics industry is made up mostly of small and medium family businesses. More than 90% of the industrial companies have less than 100 employees. In this context, the country is suffering from a decline in global competitiveness. The manufacture of luxury goods (haute couture, cars, delicatessen foods) represents a significant part of the Italian industry.  The country is the prime exporter of luxury goods. Its main industries deal with precision machinery, motor vehicles, chemical products, pharmaceutical products, electrical items, fashion and clothing.

The services sector contributes to 70% of the GDP. Tourism plays a major role,  Italy is the third most-visited European country, after France and Spain.



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