International Trade in Tunisia

International Trade in Tunisia

Over the past decade, Tunisia it had an average annual growth of around 5%. In 2009 and 2010, the country has suffered the effects of the economic crisis with a contraction of GDP and an anuual growth below 4%. Poor cereal harvests and reduction in oil production had been added to the... Read more

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Overview About International Trade in Tunisia

Main Industry Sectors

Agriculture is a key sector of Tunisian economy and an improvement in its production in the past years has allowed for the development of the sector (cultivation of olive trees, fruit trees and palm trees) and also has enabled to the country to reach a level of food sufficiency. Organic farming is also booming, Tunisia being the second more productive country in this respect. Agriculture accounts for around 11% of the GDP and employs around 25% of the workforce. This performance is the consequence of large-scale support and modernization efforts made within the framework of a development policy and of agricultural and rural activities regulation.

The non-manufacturing industries account for 17% of the GDP. The manufacturing industries, mainly textile and food, make up 20% of the GDP and are damaged mostly by the Asian competition. They are predominantly orientated towards export.

The local economy is largely orientated towards services, which account for 40% of the GDP, including the booming sectors of ICT (Information and communication technologies) and tourism.


Economic Overview

Over the past decade, Tunisia it had an average annual growth of around 5%. In 2009

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