International Trade in Ukraine

International Trade in Ukraine

After years of strong growth, in 2009 Ukraine experienced one of the worst recessions in Europe. Growth rate decreased by -15%, under the joint effect of a decline in economic activity, drying up of foreign funding and a crisis in the global demand for steel. The country faced a collapse... Read more

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Overview About International Trade in Ukraine

Main Industry Sectors

The agricultural sector has a major role in Ukraine's economy. It employs around 17% of the population and contributes around 10% to the GDP. The main crops are cereals, sugar, meat and milk. Ukraine is the fifth biggest exporter of cereals in the world. Ukraine is rich in mineral resources, the main ones being iron and magnesium, and in energy resources (coal and gas).

The secondary sector employs 24% of the population and contributes more than a half of the GDP. The Ukrainian manufacturing sector is dominated by heavy industries such as iron (Ukraine is the 6th biggest producer of iron in the world), and steel. These two sectors alone, account for 30% of the industrial production. Coal mining, chemical and mechanical products (airplanes, turbines, locomotives and tractors) and ship building are also important sectors. However, it is important to keep in mind that industrial production was much affected by the global economic crisis.

The service sector employs close to 60% of the workforce and contributes up to 38% of the GDP. Ukraine is an energy transit country, providing transportation to western Europe and the Balkans, for Russian and Caspian oil and gas thr...

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