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Hunting includes trapping animals for food, skins or furs, sporting or recreational hunting, whale fishing, maintaining reserves, restocking game, arms products and traps and associated services.

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  • Hunting In Greece

    There are 250,000 holders of valid hunting licenses in Greece, comprising of a pyramid of 250 hunting clubs that are allowed to grant licenses.

    Posted on: 14 Mar 2012 A Market Analysis By U.S. Commercial Service

  • Agricultural News for Italy and the EU - February 2010

    Education Minister Mariastella Gelmini has announced that fresh fruit and vegetables are to replace snacks in school vending machines. Italian school kids are among the plumpest in Europe and the Ministry aims to form good eating habits while also supporting local farmers.

    Posted on: 9 Mar 2010 A Market Analysis By Foreign Agricultural Service

  • Food Security Doctrine Adopted in Russia

    On January 30, 2010, Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev signed Russia’s Food Security Doctrine. The Doctrine is a framework document that outlines Russia’s agricultural production and policy goals.

    Last updated: 24 Sep 2023 A Market Analysis By Foreign Agricultural Service

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