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  • Food Processing Ingredients 2012

    The market for food processing ingredients in Honduras has increased steadily over the past few years and further increases are expected.

    Posted on: 27 Dec 2012 A Market Analysis By Foreign Agricultural Service

  • Sweet and Savory Snacks

    The market for sweet and savory snacks was valued at $1.8 billion in 2011, 5 percent over the previous year.

    Posted on: 24 Oct 2012 A Market Analysis By Foreign Agricultural Service

  • Food Processing Ingredients

    The Food Processing Sector in Japan remained strong during 2011 even with resulting consumer restraint after March 11.

    Last updated: 6 Jul 2023 A Market Analysis By Foreign Agricultural Service

  • Organic Market

    The Organic market in Finland is increasing rapidly, demand exceeding supply. Food retailers are responding by offering more organic products in their stores.

    Posted on: 20 Jan 2012 A Market Analysis By Foreign Agricultural Service

  • Food & Drink Sector

    The size of the food and drinks market in South Korea was estimated to be ₤45 billion and is expected to increase year on year by approximately 9 percent. Plus, South Korea is currently dependent on imports for 60-70 percent of its food.

    Posted on: 17 Dec 2011 A Market Analysis By UK Trade & Investment

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