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  • Healthcare Opportunities

    Healthcare in Saudi Arabia continues to be a thriving sector as the government continues to finance health services for a rapidly growing population.

    Posted on: 26 May 2012 A Market Analysis By UK Trade & Investment

  • Healthcare Services Opportunities

    2011 is the first year of China’s 12th Five Year Plan and also the closing year of the Phase I Chinese healthcare reform. Currently, 16 cities are conducting national level pilot public hospital reform projects. These projects cover a population of over 80 million, larger than the UK but represents only 6.0% of...

    Posted on: 27 Nov 2011 A Market Analysis By UK Trade & Investment

  • Insurance Sector

    Kazakhstan’s insurance industry showed a 15% growth in 2011 and, according to the industry experts, is forecast to grow by another 12-15% to a market of up to $1 billion in the upcoming years. The country’s relative stability and booming energy sector continue to mark it as an ongoing prospect for insurance...

    Posted on: 31 Oct 2011 A Market Analysis By U.S. Commercial Service

  • Financial Services in Romania

    Romania’s financial system is dominated by the banking sector. Opportunities exist in most sectors.

    Posted on: 30 Sep 2010 A Market Analysis By UK Trade & Investment

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